About me

My name is Paula MH. I am graphic designer and photographer.
On this website you can watch some projects. I hope you enjoy!


As publishing designer I make artwork of books, journals, newspapers, brochures, posters...

I use InDesign and QuarkXPress.


I realize infographies, vector drawing, branding, edit and correct images professionally.

I use Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash.


I am also photographer. My speciality are take photos in musical events but mostly I use photos for graphic and publishing products.

Photoshop and Lightroom.


I have a basic handling of HTML, CSS and jQuery languages. I also request the aesthetic appearance.

Brackets and Dreamweaver.


  • Global Union Factory

    Graphic/Web Designer: Graphic design and layout, maintenance and web support, online product control, CMS, ERP and FTP management, newsletters, marketing. Product photography.

  • Toys R Us Spain & Portugal

    Graphic and web designer at e-commerce. Making infographies (newsletters, banners, multiplatform slots); uploading with FTP and CMS. Newsletter’s delivery.

  • Faraxa Publishing

    Graphic designer, publishing designer, and photographer in Faraxa Books (Malta). Making brochures, posters...; books, cover books, and taking and editing photographies.

  • Tilllate Spain, S.A.

    Photographer in Tilllate (Salamanca). Taking photos at nightlife and photo report for brands. Editing photos. Upload to website with FTP.

  • Histéricas Grabaciones

    Photographer and writer in Histéricas Grabaciones. Taking photos and writing concerts and music festivals features. Writing record reviews.

  • Freelance

    Working as a freelance: Photography at nightlife, infographics, graphic and web design, branding...

More information

If you want more information about my work, you can download my resume.